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How to use:

  • Use your computer keyboard to type your equation. You can use numbers, letters, or any other symbol on your computer keyboard
  • Use the extension math keyboard to click on symbols, such as integrals, sigma, fraction, etc.
  • Use can your mouse to navigate around our extension, or use the arrows keys as follows:
    • Right Arrow: move the cursor forward. This is useful to get out of operation. For example, if you are inside square root, forward arrow will move the cursor out of it
    • Left Arrow: move the cursor back
    • Up Arrow: create exponent
    • Down Arrow: create subscript
  • Use the buttons as follows:
    • Copy Button: copy the formula as image to the clipboard — paste it wherever you'd like
    • New Button: delete the formula and start a new one
  • Custom Button and LaTeX
  • Change Font Color and Size
    • to change both, open the options page (the gear on the bottom right side of the extension)
    • make any changes and press save
Still confused? Contact us here!
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