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Custom Buttons

Learn how to create your own buttons on MATH Keys

There are two ways to add custom symbols to MATH Keys.
1) Simply adding LaTeX (find instructions here). 
2) Create a custom button (see below for instructions).

We hope you enjoy this new tool!
How to Create Custom Buttons

To create a custom button, you must input information into two edit fields: 'Custom Name' and 'Custom LaTeX.' Below are instructions for how to change both fields.

Custom Name

This is what will show up on your button. So, if you want a button for 'Phi' for example, you could write out 'Phi' and that text will show up on your button, or find the HTML entity (i.e.  φ) using this link (copy and paste the code labelled, 'HTML Entity') which will make the actual symbol show up. 

Watch video above if you need any clarification.

Custom LaTeX

LaTeX is a language that codes for mathematical symbols. In order to have your button fulfill a function, you need to find the LaTeX associated with your symbol. For example, if you want a button that types out 'Phi,' your Button LaTeX should say '\phi.' You can find many LaTeX symbols here.

Watch video above if you need any clarification.

If you like this feature please give us a review here. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy!

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